Tuesday, January 22, 2019

For the birds, boxed.

I flat out refuse to watch Bird Box, by the way. There’s something about the smug way the movie was promoted that bothers me. Netflix pounding social media, strongly pushing the FOMO factor, creating this aura of unmissability. Screw that. 

I’ve watched A Quiet Place anyway. I get the idea. 

Monday, January 21, 2019

Let It Go

"It's freezing!", I thought to myself earlier today, even though it was actually thirty one degrees below freezing. Or seventeen below, if you like your football played with feet. 

Funny how that phrase sticks with you. What could be worse than freezing, you thought when you visited Ooty as a kid, the temperature hovering dangerously close to the fifteen degree Celsius mark. What's colder than ice, the cubes that you find inside trays of plastic stuck in your kitchen freezer? You've not understood how ice is formed, never seen it outside of a refrigerator. You've never seen hail, never seen snow. You think of the movies when you think of snow. Yahoo! James Bond skiing. Ratheesh and a baby faced Rani Padmini. 

The highest temperature today was three degrees Fahrenheit. The lowest was one. One degree F. That's about -16º and -17º C. Not quite the temperature of that cube of ice when it floats over your uncle's peg of Johnny Black. 

So yeah, it was freezing cold today.