Friday, September 30, 2005

Things that go hump in the night*

So here I am way past midnight, right? Minding my business, which is making sure a release goes out before the sun sets in Houston so that I can bill this quarter, right? All of a sudden I get this Yahoo IM message, "asl?". Now I'm way wary of messages that just say "asl". More often than not, it's from a spam bot. So I reply.

akidna_04: asl?
Madhav: sgdsgdsgfdsfd
akidna_04: i thot u were hhkljjtygfgdsfga
Madhav: who is this?
akidna_04: 21/f/pune
Madhav: ok
akidna_04: and urself?
Madhav: where did you get my id from?
akidna_04: yahoo member addresses
Madhav: your id is very i know you from somewhere?
akidna_04: are u interested in chatting?
Madhav: aren't we chatting right now?
akidna_04: i cant say. i dont know u
akidna_04: where r u frm?
Madhav: what are you doing up so late?
Madhav: bangalore
akidna_04: i was studying. taking a break
Madhav: where do you study?
akidna_04: symbiosis. doing my mba
Madhav: is this your first year? or second?
akidna_04: 2nd yr. specialising in telecom mgt and infotech
Madhav: cool
akidna_04: but to get to the point. are u interested in talking baout other things
Madhav: what other things do you have in mind?
akidna_04: how old r u
akidna_04: not a 16yr old, r u
Madhav: not quite..33
akidna_04: 33?????
Madhav: why the question marks?
akidna_04: want to do some hot chat?
Madhav: oh, that's coming to the point
akidna_04: ofcourse
Madhav: whats your real name
akidna_04: do i have to tell u
Madhav: you know my name from my id
akidna_04: its shefali
Madhav: i'm just curious
Madhav: hi shefali
akidna_04: hi madhav
Madhav: so here's something that's funny
akidna_04: ??
Madhav: i'm looking at the list of students in SITM (what would one do without google!)
Madhav: cant' find a shefali
Madhav: you are in the 2004-2006 batch, right
akidna_04: we have an option to decide if our names can be listed
Madhav: interesting
akidna_04: but why are u doing a background check
Madhav: i would have thought everyone's name would have been listed
Madhav: why not? just curious whom i'm actually going to do a hot chat with
akidna_04: no. its noy compulsory
Madhav: i see
akidna_04: its just a short fling imho
Madhav: at symbiosis?
akidna_04: well. i needed a quickie
Madhav: no guys around in real life over there at the campus?
akidna_04: not at 1:30 in the am
Madhav: too bad
Madhav: what do you use for quickies?
akidna_04: i'd have liked some frank responses. bye
Madhav: funny, that's what i would have liked too, you know

Shefali, my ass. Might have been for all you know.

*Filtered for the core group, of course.

Hypocrites, all

We are a nation of hypocrites. We leer at the scantily clad lasses on music videos but want our wives and girlfriends to be pristine and pure. We don't think twice before paying off the cop who flags us down on the road, but we are always indignant when we read about corrupt officials and politicians. We want our cricket team to be the best in the world but believe it's okay to have a physically and mentally unfit captain. We believe it's good to be honest but a little corrupt, devout but a little fanatic, chaste but get a little on the side.

We even have people who shut down their journals and then come back, all righteous and condescending. Some folks can't make up their mind.