Friday, August 24, 2007


I am getting more and more scared these days, as I grow older. Scared of a lot of things, none of which go bump in the night.

Scared my dad is losing his energy, the tremendous joie de vivre he used to have. I just can't imagine him without that smile on his face, that interest in everything and everyone. This started a month ago, after his fall where he had a hairline fracture on his hand and cut his eyebrow. I think he suddenly realized that he is sixty-five. I did, too.

Scared when my daughter spends two whole days coughing every other minute. I know it's just a throat infection, it will pass soon. But I am scared she'll get up in the night and cough some more, cough out more than what she should. Scared that I'm not doing the best I can as a father, as a protector, as an adult.

I had a rather bad accident close to a year back, when my car overturned. The vehicle was almost totally wrecked, it spent five months in the body shop before coming back home. I escaped with a couple of scratches and a finger that refuses to bend all the way. I am not really affected by that accident, shit happens. But I'm scared I've used up all my lives, could be game over the next time.

Scared of the country I live in, scared of a society which doesn't give a flying fuck about individuals. Scared of a vapid culture, a fast growing generation who are taught not to think, taught totally different kind of values, made to believe in gods they themselves know not to exist.

Hell, I'm one cowardly custard.

Monday, August 20, 2007

What's up, d00d

I'm planning to go visit a few cities all over India, trying to get some quality .Net developers. Does anyone know good tech leads and development manager types who are interested in working in Chennai? Product dev work, satisfaction guaranteed. Please contact the undersigned.

In other news, I bought Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion. Looks very promising. Have tossed it onto the Currently Reading pile, where it rubs shoulders with Stephen King's boring Lisey's Story and Lionel Shriver's intense We Need to Talk About Kevin.

Onam approacheth. Looking forward to the thadya.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Movies and books bought this time round

1. Raising Arizona
2. Ruthless People
3. Se7en
4. The Producers (the original, of course)
5. Assault on Precint 13 (ditto, ditto)
6. Deathtrap
7. Grease
8. Paris, Texas
9. The 3 Poison Ivy movies, in one DVD
10. Swimming Pool
11. Miller's Crossing

All at fairly good prices. I'm particularly happy with The Producers, Ruthless People, Deathtrap and Paris, Texas. Haven't seen them in local shops.


1. Twilight Watch - Sergei Lukyanenko. , thanks again for the tip. The books actually seem to get better as the series grows
2. Seven Habits of Highly Defective People - Scott Adams
3. My Wicked Wicked Ways - Errol Flynn
4. The Complete Stephen King Universe - Hank Wagner, Christopher Golden
5. Neruomancer - William Gibson. Got this and the Flynn for about a dollar each, gihahahaha.
6. Deathly Hallows - You know who.

I watched The Big Lebowski and downloaded Blood Simple too. Now for Barton Fink and The Hudsucker Proxy.