Saturday, July 23, 2005

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

It's noon and all is well.

Beam me up, Scotty.



Mornings are good. You wake up bright and early, inhale that fresh morning air and head over for that invigorating cuppa. What's more, the baby is asleep.

Evenings are bad. You reach home after a hard day's work and your legs are grabbed by a two-foot-something clutching a dog-eared copy of Heidi. After hideous Heidi, it's time for the comics. Then it's food. Then colouring pens. Then comics again. Then stories featuring the monkey and the crocodile. More stories about the monkey. You even convert Androcles into a monkey, you are that desperate. You fall asleep before you realize it, mumbling something about the monkey who beat a hare in a race.

Saw Pandippada the other day, at Trivandrum. Was surprised to see the words 'Thank God' at the beginning of the movie before the titles rolled. As puts it, these words should have been at the end. I'm told this is common in Mal movies these days. Hmm.

I'm hungry.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Another Us.

Just Married.


Another farmily pic.

Meanwhile, back at the farm...

I don't think this needs a caption!

What Madhav is doing these days

  • Twiddling my thumbs, waiting for something to happen.

  • Checking my LJ friends page every twenty seconds. (What's up with you guys anyway? Why don't you write more?)

  • Chatting up unsuspecting souls on IM, people who really have work to do.

  • Reading up on movies I won't watch, gadgets I won't buy and porn sites I won't visit.

I'm serving my notice period, by the way. I leave on Friday and join the new outfit on Monday.

Monday, July 18, 2005

She saw pebbles for the first time!


The world appears to be divided into those who think it's cool to read Harry Potter and those who think it's cool to diss him. Whatever.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive my copy on Saturday itself, through Fabmall. Nice. Very nice. I stopped trying to revise Order of the Phoenix and started the new one. Struggled with it right through Sunday, until I reached the last one-third when it suddenly looked up, reared it's head and bit me on the leg. I was forced to complete it today morning parked at the roadside, after dropping off Rachu at the creche. God-damn, the ending! I was reminded of two movies:

The first movie was Spider-man, for obvious reasons. The second, though I may very well be proved wrong, was Govind Nihalani's Droh-kaal. Book 7 should be interesting. Very interesting.

Update: Just saw this. Give the article a miss, check the picture on the page. I don't think anyone on the site's editorial staff knows this yet. These Mallus, I tell you!


The trip was fantastic. It was probably the best vacation I ever had, even though we didn't really get time to sit back and relax: it was Kichan's marriage after all. But all three of us had a grand time. Think of every cliche possible when you take a break to visit your parents in their village. Doting grandparents (Rachu's). A large house. Larder stocked with goodies. Farms: rubber, banana, vanilla, yam, tapioca. Your own private pond. A wedding. Relatives: garrulous old grand-aunt, feuding cousins, aged uncles - the lot. And the rain. Oh boy, the rain!

The time spent in Trivandrum was great too. Apart from pigging out on crab, prawn, fish, chicken and meat puffs (the last at 's house), buying about seventy movies from the market at Bima Palli was an awesome experience. The game I play these days is to ask folks to name a movie and then grin like a maniac when it turns out to be something that I bought. Malayalam, of course.

Visiting Sree Vishakh theatre and standing in a queue to buy tickets brought back a lot of memories too. The place still has the same old seats, same old mouldy smell and the same old usher. Kerala hasn't changed much really - the strikes, the politics and the scandals are very much alive. What's increased though is the emphasis on gold. Every second ad you see on TV or on the road is for a jewelry shop. As a friend called it, this is really Gold's Own Country.

I never felt so miserable on coming back to Bangalore, though. Ah, well. Such is life.