Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Current Affairs

My current boss called me yesterday night and told me that my current title will be taken up by a person who will be my new boss. However I will continue to play the same role I've been doing currently.

This new person is an American, never worked with him before. Hmm.

In other news, Oct 2 through 7 seems to have a lot of promise. Heh heh heh.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003


Following a link on 's journal, I find I'm an iNTj. Normally I'd scoff at these things, but there are a few lines on that page which I thought was quite applicable to me. Then again, like would probably put it, most of this stuff is generic and could fit anyone.

Ho hum.

No more Firebird

I'm switching back to IE, as predicted. Firebird is a good browser which has a few improvements over IE, but it doesn't work for me. Mainly because:

- I cannot get my intranet sites to work correctly
- My product UI cannot run on it
- I have trouble getting the MoneyControl site to render correctly
- I just cannot login into the ICICI Direct website on firebird

, thanks for the link and the info on Firebird, but I'm switching back to IE. I can live without tabbed browsing. I do owe you one for introducing me to Thunderbird, though. Coupled with Hotmail Popper, I found it to be a very neat little email client.

I might continue to use Firebird for LJ and a few other websites, but IE is returning as my default browser.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Monday, September 15, 2003

Sound bites

1. A manager at work: "When the shit hits the fan, I'm the only one left without a club"

2. The name of a new song that I heard on the radio yesterday : "Tere sang, ek simple si coffee bhi kick deti hai" (with 'tere' pronounced 'tezhe'..a trend I've noticed in most of the new hindi songs these days. Maybe thats how its pronounced really)

3. The title track of a new Malayalam movie:
"Baaaletta, baletta,
baletta, baletta,
baletta, baletta, baletta".

And in case you missed the lyrics, the second line goes:
" Baaaletta, baletta,
baletta, baletta,
baletta, baletta, baletta".

This is actually filched from a song in an IV Sasi movie of the 80s, 'Ee Naadu'. That song went:
"Go go Meenakshi, pass it on to Savithri
There is a gap up, shoot the ball !
Po po Mary John, rebound aane - sookshicho...." *

Blatant plagiarism, what !

*Any resemblance to Rasputin by Boney M is purely inspirational

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Baby update

This kid really has an attitude. She is very miserly with her smiles and doles them out only after a lot of coaxing. Picture a visitor looking at her for the first time - typical visitors are female, about 40 and bring dresses as gifts. Said visitor goes :"Rachu baby !! Agoo-goo-goo-gooo !". Our heroine lifts one eyebrow three millimetres and ignores the visitor. The tenacious sort among the visitors repeats the goo-goo routine. Rachu looks at her out of the corner of her eye ('chirayal' in malayalam) and sneers at her. She then turns her head away and mulls over the Kashmir issue. Most people give up at this point.

She can stare at the fan for hours, ruminating over how it works and its place in the grand scheme of things. She would much rather prefer looking at it than at her parents, not to mention friends and relatives. Maybe she will grow up to be an electrician. [insert 'fan' jokes here].

On the other hand, she is happiest in the morning when she wakes up, after her feed. She likes being held close to my body, happy with the warmth and comfort I guess.

Wednesday, September 3, 2003

Phew !

Shifted home - lock, stock and bharani. My body is aching and I can't get proper sleep - probably a combination of jet lag and lugging heavy packages around. Why on earth do I buy all these books ? The new house doesn't have too many cupboards, so the books are going to remain packed. We will anyway move house again in another eight to nine months. I'm not unpacking the cassettes either - hardly listen to them these days.

The house looks okay though, much better than what I had thought initially. The living room is pretty big, there's enough space for all the chairs, the tv/music system, the computer and the cradle. The bathrooms are not that great however, like most small houses in Bangalore. I need to shave by the washbasin near the dining room and the geyser is connected to a small indian-style toilet. These house owners are crazy ! *tap tap*

On a totally different note: this is worth preserving - a short bio of Mohan Lal.