Friday, June 29, 2007

Edward Copeland's top 100

Pretty good list, for anyone interested in movies. His blog should be on your reading list too.

Monday, June 25, 2007

And then

And then you have a few friends who can cheer you up by just being there, talking about anything in the world, just being there with you and not judging you, not giving you advice, listening without prejudice.

You know who you are. Thanks, guys.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Rocky Revisited

I keep coming back to Rocky. When I get depressed, I turn to the Gonna Fly Now theme music, or the rejuvenating Eye of the Tiger. When I feel I need to exercise but just can't be bothered enough to go out and run, I watch the training montages and make myself believe I can do all that.

Saw Rocky Balboa the other day and just broke down, completely.

The guy is old, over the hill, there's no way in hell he can win. No way he can pull off a miracle, trying to compete with someone young.

He loses, of course.

Not without a fight, though. He did what he does best - continue fighting, last the distance. Because that's all he knows to do, that's all he can do. Keep fighting, knowing that he'll lose, not giving a damn.

Continue fighting, go the distance.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


I got a 40 / 60.

Spider-man 3

I saw Spidey 3 the day it was released in the US, some six weeks ago. The only thing I remember from the movie is Peter Parker's singing and dancing act in that NY club, a la Shammi Kapoor. A total waste of time.

A Film by Arvind

Not bad, at least the first half. I liked one particular moment in the climax too, when the scriptwriter..ok, no spoilers.

The story is about a Director-Actor duo who hit the road to plan their next movie together. The director has half a script with him, which he finds interesting. He finds it even more interesting when the script comes alive, as he and his friend travel in their Tata Safari (of course) and pick up a hitchhiker or two (natch).

The pace isn't sustained till the end and the movie just gives up after a couple of hours. Still, worth a watch, at least for its novelty value. Thanks, Jayasankar.

Shrek the Third

A.k.a Shrek the Worst. Doesn't generate a single laugh, not even from my four year old who has been looking forward to this movie ever since she learnt the art of how to look forward to movies from her dad.

My biggest complaint is that Shrek has been reduced to a caricature of himself, a figure who is forced to look upon his own story from the sidelines. Gone is the mean, green fighting machine from the first and second parts.

The movie drags from the beginning to the weary, lazy, slipshod finale. Wish I could find something positive to say. Tough. Sad.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

To-do list

1. Offer to coach the Indian cricket team.
2. Visit all cab drivers in Bangalore in the calm of the day - since they are awake at night - and drive a stake into their hearts. Dance on their graves if possible.
3. Send stink bombs to all directors of the various Part 3 movies that have been released this year. Ok, maybe not to Mr Soderbergh.
4. Sire an offspring from the Tatas, name her Thiruvananthapuram Taj and unleash her on an unsuspecting American public.
5. Kidnap all RJs in Bangalore, lock them up in a room and make them listen to Aap Ka Suroor 24 x 7. Allow brief pauses for vacuous talk on how to analyze a person by looking at their fingernails.
6. Get drunk.