Thursday, October 19, 2017

Why I shouldn't watch TV

So I'm skipping through TV shows on Amazon Prime Video and come across one starring that actor, that guy who always plays losers and anti-heroes; was in Bad Santa? Has three names, like David Anthony Fernandez. Billy Ray Cyrus? Nah.

Anyway, so I start watching and sure enough, ole Stevie Ray Vaughan is in a bar drinking it up already. Dammit, I know his name. Was married to Angelina Jolie? Had a tattoo. Or maybe she did. Won an Emmy last year, I think.


Show's not bad, though. Haley Joel Osment's apparently pissed off this big bad corporation, headed by - oh, look! It's William Hurt! Or hang on, is it John Hurt? Always get them mixed up. Alright, I know this. John Hurt was the Alien-popping guy, the Elephant Man who died earlier this year. William was the Body Heat dude. Got it.

Phew, I'm back in the game.

Now this Kareem Abdul Jabbar dude. He was in Fargo Season One too, for crying out loud. He was playing himself of course, but he was awesome.

I'm seriously getting old.

Like literally.